9ELECTRIC Premiere Music Video for Single ‘Beautiful’

The Damaged Ones Cover ArtAlt rock band 9ELECTRIC released their brand new music video for their single “Beautiful” off of “The Damaged Ones” Tuesday afternoon. The video debuted shortly after 9ELECTRIC finished their recent North American tour. The new video focuses heavily on the topics of breast cancer and suicide prevention and awareness, two topics familiar to singer Ron Underwood and close friend Miki Black.

“Through my lens, I watched as [Miki] purged her frustration and so much sadness,” Underwood told Alternative Press. “I filmed her standing face-to-face with her fears, face-to-face with her own mortality… and in the darkest parts of the shoot I was reminded of how far I’d come through my own battles with alcohol.”

Black also contributed commentary, saying “The content hit so close to home that I couldn’t face it… but I actually found myself feeling really comfortable about the video. Why? Because I realized that my journey ended the exact opposite as the girl in the video – but it could have ended just like hers.”

Check out the music video below:


If you or a loved one struggle with suicidal thoughts or general depression,’s staff strongly encourage you to visit the Suicide Prevention Lifeline website. If interested in learning about cancer research and awareness, visit

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