Alterna-Metal Picks

Fishbone – Sunless Saturday

Some fast 12 string strumming gives way to some seriously slammin headbangin! Crisp production, Sonic the Hedgehog-esque bass playing & introspective lyrics make this masterpiece.

Scatterbrain – Don’t Call Me Dude

You think you’re hearing a late-50’s doo wop ballad before we explode into a moshy, psychobilly guitar riff that winds into a chorus telling you why you shouldn’t be calling these guys that name…

Faith No More – Falling To Pieces

Any FNM song could’ve made this list but this tune rocks harder than the rest. Typical Mike Patton craziness shines on this bass-heavy number.

Mind Bomb – Do You Need Some?

You get infusions of Industrial, Metal, Pop, Funk & Punk all in one tune… it’s almost like a summary of all melodic music wrapped up in a nice package for your listening pleasure.

Electric Love Hogs – Tribal Monkey

MOSH! MOSH! MOSH! Before the pop-punk of Goldfinger, there was the balls to the wall Funk METAL of this group. They broke up after one album with half the group forming the aformentioned band.

Life, Sex & Death – Fuckin’ Shit Ass

Was there a more enigmatic presence at the tail end of the Metal-era than Stanley? I think not. Another 1 album band marred by the rise of grunge.

Prong – Unconditional

Brutal! UN-CON-DITION-AL!!! Hell yeah! Tommy Victor will get yall cranked up with this one!

Trouble – At The End Of My Daze

Christian/Doom Sabbath-esque HEAVY metal! Highly melodic and catchy. Lawd have mercy what a voice!

Warrior Soul – We Cry Out

…and what a sound they are crying! A relentless riff circles around a heavy backbeat topped off with a killer solo.

White Trash – Apple Pie

What this band was is up for debate. Predating the punk/ska movement by a few years, these dudes may have been a tad too heavy for that era as well. A band out of time perhaps…

Photo by: Janeé Carroll

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