07 Aug 2017

Kickin Valentina, Imaginary Creatures

Imaginary Creatures was made for those that appreciate the preservation of sleaze rock.

26 Jul 2017

Kobra and the Lotus, Prevail I

Evolution is inevitable and they have delivered their most powerful album to date.

14 Jul 2017

Mark Slaughter, Halfway There

Review of Mark Slaughter’s second solo album, Halfway There.

Wednesday 13
12 Jun 2017

Wednesday 13, Condolences

The latest release will carry a much darker and eerier feel than previous projects.

crazy lixx featured
23 May 2017

Crazy Lixx, Ruff Justice

Continually writiting catchy hook after hook that refuse to get out of your head.

19 May 2017

Warrant: Louder, Faster, Harder

Six years after their last venture, “Rockaholic”, Warrant are jumping back into the game.

11 May 2017

The Rumours, Hot Bang

Review of the first full-length release from The Rumours of Waterloo, Iowa

21 Apr 2017

Greta Van Fleet, Black Smoke Rising

Michigan boys Greta Van Fleet make their debut in the rock world.

18 Apr 2017

Steel Panther, Lower the Bar

Rude, crude, and lude. Would anyone expect anything less from Steel Panther?

27 Mar 2017

Worst Kept Secret Album Preview

Track by track rundown of the full-length album Confidence/Arrogance releasing in March, 2017.