Dust Bowl Jokies

Itching for a new band to whet your rock n roll appetite. As many people have begun to discover off over in Europe, specifically Scandinavia, rock n roll is alive and well. This is both a good thing and a bad. It’s always great to have new tunes from a good young band to listen to, but when the scene is really grooving you have to weed through some of the less talented bands that really lack substance. Fortunately Dust Bowl Jokies fall in the earlier category. These guys are fantastic young band that have an awesome bluesy sleazy rock n roll style full of chorus hooks and screaming guitar riffs. Think Hardcore Superstar crossed with The Last Vegas and sprinkle in a bunch of originality and you’ll see what you’re in for.

A few years ago in 2011 this band of five hoodoo voodoo all-stars from Sölvesborg, Sweden decided to put together a rock n roll band with style and talent. They quickly put together their debut album “Cockaigne Vaudeville ” which was co-produced by world famous Beau Hill. They received great radio airplay across the world with their single “Boots on Rocks off.” They also released an awesome video to coincide with the single. With an awesome debut the band took to the streets and began touring and playing as many festivals and clubs as possible to spread the word.

Since 2012 they have continued to tour extensively and most recently took the stage at the Skogsrojet festival in Sweden with big acts like Megadeth, Crashdiet, Hardcore Superstar, and Michael Monroe. While releasing a new two song EP titled “The Wicked/Blood, Sweat & Perfume”, the promise of currently working on new material, and recently signing to a new label Bad Reputation that plans to re release their debut album now is the time to check these guys out and now is the time to get on board with the “Voodoo Circle” as they like to refer to their street team as.

Bottom line if you like good sleazy rock n roll infused with some bluesy guitar and punk vibes then look no further. These guys are talented and are gonna be one of the front runners in the new rock n roll scene developing yet again over in Scandinavia.

Songs to check out:

Boots on Rocks Off, The Wicked, Whore of Babylon, Hoodoo Voodoo All-Star, and Blood, Sweat & Perfume.

Photo by: Gabriel Gonzalez Photography

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