Forever Still: The Open Wound Tour

Maja, pronounced My-ya, is identifiable. She is also the lead singer and songwriter for the Danish band Forever Still. I am not going to pigeonhole them into a specific genre because they are on a journey. Forever Still is fascinating to listen to and to watch.

It is pure joy to talk with someone who is #authentic. Maja is a mature 24 year-old. In a 30 minute Skype conversation, her honesty is on point and she expresses herself with clarity. She is not programmed. She is not manufactured. She is gifted. As we dug into the songwriting process, one may discern increasingly more longing in her voice to be and remain #authentic. Without putting words into her mouth, she wants to remain grounded, true to her identity. Her songwriting partner, Mikkell Haastrup, inspires her with his music. The lyrics are brimming over with the archetypal elements of fear, anger, sorrow, loss, and loneliness. When asked why? Maja said she found “cutting off bad relationships” has been important. There’s a time when you’re, “not going to take shit anymore.” Ya know? Mikkeil and Maja have experienced pain. They’ve been screwed over like the rest of us. I suspect she’s had her heart broken and yet an innocence remains. She’s #authentic. She’s identifiable.

Forever Still is more than Maja though. Mikkell may be the one irreplaceable piece to the Forever Still puzzle. I imagine Mikkell and Maja keep each other grounded. Even though we did not speak, Maja said he is “the most talented person she has ever worked with.” Everyone needs someone to push them and to help them grow. I suspect this is one of the roles that Mikkell plays in Forever Still. Not to mention the fact that he can play bass, drums, write music, and just about anything else….

He’s actually a recording engineer by trade; trained by Flemming Rasmussen. Think Metallica. You can tell too. Often, the balance between instrumentals and vocals are technically speaking, out-of-whack. This is not the case when you listen to Forever Still. Maja’s vocals could easily overpower the driving rage and the melodic eloquence of the instrumentals, but here there is balance. There is so much balance between these two you just know there is serious potential for good now and in the future. It is not commonplace for me to gush (I feel like I am writing about a sibling), but if I had a Forever Still t-shirt I’d be wearing it right now. I hope to see Mikkell backing Maja on bass on a USA tour in the future.

Interestingly, the Hard Rock/Metal-esque genre that Forever Still hammers a nail into the old Danish korsmonter is not so popular in Denmark. Forever Still’s homeland is going to miss out on the goodwill created by Forever Still in much the same way they have with other bands. This all to say that they are stoked to be kicking off “The Open Wound Tour” in London on April 30th at Surya, a venue that prides itself on promoting promising new talent. See for other dates and venues. I asked Maja what she expects to learn from her first UK tour and she said, (we) “expect to meet a lot of amazing fans we’ve wanted to meet for a long time and have a good time, give people an experience they won’t forget. We always want to get better, and this experience will only contribute to that.“

#Authenic They are on the edge of a breakthrough. #ForeverStill

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