Vulvatron Photo Falsely Reported for Nudity

10689519_10205866356806889_7884241714775412456_nSo we are in a day and age where nudity is everywhere right? From Kim Kardashian baring her backside, to people like Amber Rose and Rhianna showing off their assets for the world to see, it’s become part of the “norm”. Apparently people can be picky choosy as to what is considered decent and what is isn’t. So with that being said, I leave my photo albums open to public so that more than just my friends are able to access my photography. Here we are two months later, I was reported for posting an indecent/nude photo that I took of Vulvatron of Gwar. First off, I feel as if most of you that would be flipping through my album of Rock N Shock, it wouldn’t be the kind of people that would be offended easily. Secondly, you are looking at photos of Gwar. This is Gwar. They are known for their theatrics, costumes and soaking their fans with all sorts of spew. Vulvatron is not even anywhere near nude. Her breasts that she wears are a costume, prosthetic, fake (not in a silicone implant kinda way) so my argument is where is the actual nudity that I was reported for posting? I wanna know why it’s ok for celebs to post half nude and even at times full nude photos, but yet a costume is deemed as full nudity and considered obscene? 10670204_10205868350016718_2996974997088939070_nGwar is out there playing great music and putting on a kick ass show for fans with real talent. Yet Kim K is famous for absolutely nothing and we have to stare at her bare naked ass all over the internet.

Luckily Facebook realized the same thing anyone who actually looked at the photo would, and that the breasts were, in fact, not real, and allowed me to keep the photo up in my album. Do you think this photo should have been reported? We want to hear what the metal community has to say!

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