Inconceivable 80’s Metal Facts II

HairMetalGreaser‘s 10 Inconceivable 80’s Metal Facts Part 2

  1. Vernon Reid of Living Colour played the guitar parts on the Janet Jackson song, “Black Cat”.
  2. Johnny Depp was a member of Rock City Angels and co-wrote their song, “Mary”.
  3. Actor, Danny Cooksey from Salute Your Shorts & Terminator 2, was the lead singer of BAD4GOOD.
  4. The band EZ-STREET from NorCal featured Cliff Burton, Jim Martin & Mike Bordin in their lineup before they broke off to join their more famous bands.
  5. Before becoming alternative darlings, WEEZER was originally another glam band on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood called AVANT-GARDE before changing their name to ZOOM and then becoming nerdy, angtsy hitmakers.
  6. Another Strip act called RAZZLE eventually became the band LIT.
  7. The boys from Vinnie Vincent Invasion kicked out their namesake guitar player, grabbed Tim Kelly and became SLAUGHTER.
  8. Green Jellÿ/Green Jello, famous for their hit “3 Little Pigs”, recorded the soundtrack for the video game Maximum Carnage.
  9. The kings of the 90’s metal scene, PANTERA, were a glam band in the 80’s. Yes, for real….
  10. Tripp Eisen, guitarist for nu-metal band Static-X, got his start in z-list glam metal band ROUGHHOUSE.

Photo by: Janeé Carroll

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