Inconceivable 80’s Metal Facts III

HairMetalGreaser‘s 10 Inconceivable 80’s Metal Facts Part 3

  1. Guns N’ Roses are in many scenes in the movie “The Dead Pool” and “Welcome To The Jungle” is a featured track in the movie.
  2. Alternative band THE FLYS were a Sunset Strip glam band called MOZART.MOZART
  3. Billy Idol was in talks to play the T-1000 in Terminator 2 but his motorcycle accident around the same time as the film was being shot prevented him from assuming the role.
  4. Roxy Petrucci, drummer of VIXEN, was in another 80’s metal band earlier in the decade known as MADAM X which at one time also featured future SKID ROW singer SEBASTIAN BACH.Madamx
  5. Greg D’Angelo, drummer of White Lion, was the drummer for ANTHRAX and you can hear him on the “Howling Furies” track from the Armed & Dangerous album.
  6. WHITE SISTER recorded the song “April” for the horror movie “Killer Party” and a music video of sorts is featured in the beginning of the movie.
  7. STANLEY, the lead singer of LIFE, SEX & DEATH, did not always have the homeless persona, he was at one time just another run-of-the-mill glam singer…
  8. Jerry Only & Doyle from THE MISFITS formed a Christian Metal band called KRYST THE CONQUEROR that featured Jeff Scott Soto on lead vocals and guest spots from Dave Snake Sabo from SKID ROW on lead guitar.
  9. Celebrated Producer/Songwriter Butch Walker, who has written hits for Avril Lavigne, Weezer and his own alternative band Marvelous 3…was the lead guitar player for SOUTHGANG.
    Ok…this is gonna be long winded….try to keep up with me…In 1978 the band SISTER was helmed by Blackie Lawless (W.A.S.P.) & Lizzie Grey (Spiders & Snakes). They recruited Frank Ferrana (Nikki Sixx) to play bass. They broke up soon after with Lizzie & Frank forming LONDON.

    LONDON recruited Dane Rage on drums & Michael White on vocals. Michael White had previously been a member of THE BOYZ that featured George Lynch & Mick Brown of DOKKEN.In 1979 Michael White left LONDON and formed THE WHITE with future MONDO CANE/GIUFFRIA/HOUSE OF LORDS guitarist Lanny Cordola. Nigel Benjamin, lead singer of English glam rock group MOTT THE HOOPLE joined as lead vocalist but left shortly after. At this time Frank Ferrana also left, became Nikki Sixx & formed MOTLEY CRUE bringing with him the song “Public Enemy No.1” which was co-written with Lizzie Grey. Seeing the band torn apart, Lizzie himself disbanded LONDON and formed ST. VALENTINE with future D’MOLLS member Desi Rexx.

    In 1984 Lizzie Grey reformed LONDON with Izzy Stradlin (Guns N’ Roses), vocalist Nadir D’Priest, drummer Bobby Marks and on bass was Brian West, formerly of northwest metal titans TKO. Bobby Marks soon left to join KEEL and Fred Coury was brought in on drums. Izzy Stradlin also left and joined Guns N’ Roses with his old pal, Axl Rose.The band was signed to Shrapnel Records and recorded NON-STOP ROCK. Fred Coury left after the recording of the album and joined CINDERELLA. Guitarist Frankie Jones and drummer Derek Shea joined LONDON shortly before they recorded their sophomore album Don’t Cry Wolf with producer KIM FOWLEY.The next year, 1988, LONDON was a featured act in the movie DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION PART II: THE METAL YEARS. It wasn’t that long after that Lizzie Grey, the sole original member of LONDON got fed up with the lack of success and left to form ULTRA-POP/SPIDER & SNAKES.

    Nadir D’Priest kept flogging the dead horse. He changed the name of the band to D’PRIEST at the behest of the record label and finally found a small bit of fame. They had a video on MTV and it wasn’t shortly after that the saga of LONDON ended with the arrival of the Alternative era.

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