A Call for Submission

We had a chance to interview A Call for Submission, modern hard rock band from Nova Scotia. Known for their catchy hooks and melodic vocals, the group has been playing since 2009 and continues to maximize their momentum by continuing to work outside the box in an effort to create an original and infectious sound.

Since you’re new to Amplified Edge readers. How would you describe A Call For Submission? Could you give a brief history of the band?

A.C.F.S was started in 2009. We started out as a cover band but after about a year in the scene we were ready to start writing our own material. We still continued to play mostly covers with a few originals in the mix. And we even put together a Metallica Tribute set which served us well over the years. Into the 3rd year we were motivated to play nothing but original material with the occasional Metallica Tribute show. By then we had already made member changes and continued to make changes over the years as we sought out a group of musicians with a common goal. We have never been afraid to start over if it wasn’t quite right so we don’t regret a single change we’ve made to date. We played literally hundreds of shows and festivals over the years which allowed us to make connections in the music scene. Those connections eventually led us to our present line up. The line up we’ve always wanted.

How’s the EP coming along and why have you chosen to self-produce the EP?

The EP is coming along excellent. We have really taken the time to break down each song and make them the very best they can be. Actually we even started over on a couple because we weren’t quite satisfied with the results. For us, this has to be the best record we’ve put out in more ways than one. We chose to self-produce this time around for various reasons. Our biggest inspiration to self produce stemmed from the results of outside production done on our first two albums. The songs weren’t quite how we envisioned them in the end. And it became hard to listen to our own music when all we could hear is how much better it could be with the right production. We wanted full control this time as we felt our ideas were getting swept under the rug in the past. And we refused to go on with any more “What if’s”. This time around it’s done our way and we are extremely proud with the results thus far.

What has it been like working in the studio? Any stories to tell?

Being in the studio has taught us a lot about many things. From our bond as a band to our shared and unshared inspirations. The studio has actually been a make or break situation for band members past and present. Some didn’t make the cut when it came down to being extremely tight. And changes were made giving us the present line-up we have today. We have also had so many good times and laughs on the way to and from, and during sessions (which can be seen in our numerous studio updates over the years via YouTube). Today we have our own studio set up local to where we all live. We have band members who are also seasoned studio engineers. And we have set the studio up to not only record ourselves but also other local artists. Our studio is a place where bands can come and have full control or assisted production with their music. It is also a a great outlet for us to write music or just hang out to get away from it all.

How does the songwriting process work within the band?

When a song comes to the table for us it starts with our guitarists. They put together a demo for the song idea and we all receive copies. We then dissect the song to work collectively for us and decide whether to keep it or move on. Everyone writes their own parts in the end. The lyrics are written by our singer but tweaked accordingly as collective ideas always arise. Sometimes instruments and lyrics are totally flipped upside down when they hit the studio but we get the result we want in the end. And grow a lot in the process. Our biggest focus for our music is to write songs that connect with people in many ways. The songs are passion driven and the lyrics are real. No fiction with this band.
A Call for SUbmission

Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Our musical influences stem from heavy metal to country music. Some of the biggest ones for us collectively are bands like: Metallica, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Avenged Sevenfold, and Alice in Chains. We also have our individual guilty pleasures of course. Our inspiration comes from various places for each of us. It’s safe to say that all of us having family in the arts has been a big one. And family is the biggest inspiration of all. We are also inspired by life in general. So much going on in the world both good and bad and we love to express ourselves through our music.

How important do you believe social media is in helping to promote the band?

We feel social media is a HUGE and very important in helping promote our band and get our music out there. Even though its hard to keep up with all the new online pages bands can add, we do our best to stay on top of it all. Social media has allowed us to get our music heard outside of our demographic and reach fans we may not have reached without a world tour lol. We also wish that we didn’t have to lean on social media so much. We would much rather connect with fans in a live setting. But its just the way the times are now. Technology has taken over.

If you could do one gig with any band past or present what band would you choose?

If we could play with one band past or present it would likely be Metallica. We all have different answers for this however Metallica seems to be the happy middle ground for us all. When you love so many bands its hard to choose.

What can fans anticipate from A Call For Submission in the near future?

Fans can expect to see and hear the best A.C.F.S line up and material to date. We will be playing a lot more shows and continuing to put out new music, raising the bar every time we hit a stage. We are more inspired and motivated than ever. Fans can also expect us to explore outside of our demographic very soon!

Describe the most memorable show or festival A Call For Submission has played so far.

Our most memorable show to date would have to be when we played “Envol et Macadam Festival” in Quebec City in 2013. It was all expenses paid and we opened for (and met) Pennywise and NOFX. That is an experience we will never forget. The full rock star treatment. Since then our most memorable show is when we played in the middle of a wrestling ring for a Canadian Championship Wrestling event. That is a hard one to forget too. It’s safe to say these are our 2 most memorable shows.

What is the best advice that you have ever been given? What advice would you give to fellow bands?

The best advice we have ever been given is “never settle”. Too many times bands and artists get a group together that doesn’t quite work or record music they aren’t happy with in the end, and more. We have taken risks, got rid of members, lost friends and burnt bridges we shouldn’t have crossed in the first place. the best advice we can give is the same, “never settle”, especially when it comes to your music. Keep raising the bar and never give up.

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