Crash Midnight

If you want a hard party rock n roll band out of Boston, these are your guys. Crash Midnight is currently touring with the Pretty Reckless and Adelita’s Way. Hide your 151, cause these guys will take it and rock your face off. I had some time to catch up with them before their show at the Fillmore Silver Spring and here is what you should know.

Tell us a little about your band.

Shaun: We are just a five piece rock n roll band out of Boston man that’s about all there is to it.

Alex: Crash Midnight; we are a five piece rock n roll band out of Boston. That’s all I’ve got. Give me another question and I’ll give you a better answer.

You guys are a relatively new band (to touring at least). What’s been your best moment as a band so far?

Shaun: Last night that’s the one I can remember the most.

Alex: We’ve actually been around for quite a while which most people do not know. We’ve been together in various incarnations over the years. I started off as the original guitarist almost 10 years ago. We were signed then it took us awhile to record the album. Eventually, I was brought in redid the album. The stuff is great obviously and we are good to go man, ready to roll finally.

Shaun: Finally…Finally touring and this is the biggest tour in our career to date, and we got to open it up in our hometown of Boston to a gigantic crowd it was fantastic we had so much family friends and everybody in there. It’s a really good way to kick off your tour especially when you have 26 dates coming up.

I know you guys have a few singles out. Can you tell us more about your album and it’s release date?

Shaun: It’s out November 18th It got pushed back from October. After we landed this tour they wanted to time everything around that. We are really excited about it. We had our single “made for the money” was leaked almost two years ago. It had a little bit of radio play and now our new radio single is going to be “151” here coming up.

Alex: Hopefully 151 is going to be hitting radios here within the month, ideally.

If you could tour with anyone living or dead, it could be a band that’s broken up, it could be anybody, what is your dream tour lineup?

Shaun: Aerosmith in the 70’s, along with the New York Dolls, who else would you throw in there with that Ninja turtle band?

Alex: Hall and Oates.

Alex and Shaun: Hall and Oates.

Alex: I just think that they know…. How to grow a mustache, my mustache growing abilities are sub par…

Shaun: He feels like he could use the additional help.

Alex: Motivation.

Shaun: Grooming skills really…

After this tour what are your plans? Obviously the record release, are you guys going to go back on tour?

Alex: Basically what we are doing is we are out here for several weeks, then we go back home, then we go back out with these guys again, and then we release our album. We are doing some album release stuff in Boston and that will pretty much take us into next year, so that’s kinda the gist for the rest of the year.

This one I know you’ll have a good answer for. This can be either a tour or band rehearsal. Each of you gets to give one. I want your best drunken story.

Shaun: Is it personal or is it only in the band? ‘Cause we’ve got a lot!

It must involve somebody in your band.

Shaun: On the premises with a lady this time Alex.

I’ve seen Alex do things, hell I threatened to kiss him and he broke a shower-head.

At Florida Music Festival, we all went back to the sketchy hotel and Alex was his own brand of drunk. I don’t remember what we were trying to get him to do, but he wouldn’t get up, so I told him if he wouldn’t get up and do whatever stupid thing I’m sure we were trying to get him to do I was going to come down and kiss him, he then proceeded to get up, go into the bathroom and we all heard a smash, there was Alex and pieces of a shower head.

Alex: Laughs OH GOD, yes and then I went down to the hotel and was like our showers broken…

True Story

Shaun: This morning he just yelled at the poor guy at the hotel that the refrigerator wasn’t working.

Alex: So this morning I was sitting there kinda already doing a little morning drinking, I put my beer in the fridge. About an hour later, I grabbed it and the beer was still warm. I realized the refrigerator doesn’t work, so I go to the concierge and I’m like, “Our refrigerator isn’t fucking working. God damn it! Later, I found out that our other guitarist had unplugged it to plug other stuff in. So I felt like a jerk…


Alex: Also, check this out…another thing…

Shaun: He’s a real troubleshooter…

Alex: On the very first tour we went on, my hair was a lot longer than this so they were telling me you got to get your haircut it’s too long.. blah blah blah. If you don’t get it cut I’m gonna do it. I didn’t think they were actually going to do it. It turns out they did do it, so I got my haircut in a parking lot in Michigan by Shaun’s amazing girlfriend, who is a dentist by profession, But she is an aspiring hairstylist.

Shaun: Aspiring amateur hairstylist.

Alex: …and I was drunk for that obviously cause I would not have let that happen sober…

Alex and Shaun: We can keep on going…

Shaun: We got Bo passed out in the commons one night. That’s a 151 story.

Alex: We have a very short-term memory, so that’s the very best of last month.

Ask again next month and their will be more stories.

For all the readers, in order for the next portion to make sense I need to break it down. ASD drunk is a term I use when you get ridiculously drunk and do ridiculous things. It was a term I coined after drinking with Alex a few times at Florida Music Festival. One of those times ended up with Alex hanging onto me in the middle of Orange Avenue attempting to rip and tear off his jeans for no apparent reason. That is ASD drunk.

Shaun: ASD drunk, that is a different level of drunk…but you haven’t seen Bo drunk.

I haven’t met Bo.

Alex: You would like Bo.

Who is the drunkest in the band, Alex or Bo?

Shaun: Photo finish, I mean it’s all in different ways.

Alex: We get drunk in our own ways. I get incapacitated. Bo tries to remain responsible and ends up hurting himself with no idea.

Shaun: He will become the biggest authority on everything and try so hard to play that he’s not drunk. We were going over this yesterday: His different levels of drunk are, “Dude no…I’m just really tired…” then, this is kinda common with drunk people, he will tell you the same story with authority 5 times in a row and loop it at the end of it. The end of the story will start the beginning of the story, the same story again like he was not there for the first half, cause I guess he wasn’t.

Plug all your shit.

Alex: We needed to do that last night.

Alex: The septic tank fell off our vehicle last night… so we had to take care of that.

Shaun: Get your ass to That’s got all of our stuff. It has the lead story on our amazing tour bus, which is the pet project of our rhythm guitarist Tony Pizzo. He’s been working on it for a while now and it’s ready to go on tour. He had gutted a 1978 motor home and he is currently working on making this run on clean fuel. His first goal is to make it run on electric, kinda like a Prius or hybrid electric. The long-term goal is the bring in hydrogen energy and basically we are taking donations and we’ve raised a lot of money, people seem really into it. The message is if he can do this, a freaking guitarist in a rock n roll band can make this happen and go on tour with it for next to nothing, then there’s no reason that big business and trucking can’t start taking some steps to decrease pollution and move in that direction. So that’s that thing.

Then we have our album, it’s available for presale right now online. You can buy it on iTunes, you get two singles with that, you get 151 (my personal fav), and you also get previously unreleased new to this album, a song called ‘Take It’, which we recorded a music video for in New York City that will be coming out soon.

What else, Twitter, @crashmidnight

Alex: I have a twitter, I have no idea how to use twitter, I’m not smart enough, so I let them take care of twitter.
Shaun: We have a lot of you guys following us on twitter and we love to post stuff there. You find us on Facebook. Throw it into the googles… you can find a lot of stuff.

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Photos by: Amanda Sixx

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