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For those of you that don’t know, 21st Century Goliath is no more. The group has went through many changes over the past few years and this last alteration was just enough for a fresh opportunity. With Scott Roby being the only surviving member of the original lineup, he felt that it was time to move on. 21CG announced their new vocalist in November of 2015 after the abrupt leave of original frontman, Tony Leone. Since then, the band has been working to not necessarily reinvent the wheel. The new band is known as Pröwess and have already released a single titled “No Survivors” with their new frontman, Dalton Bowes.

Pröwess debuted during the No Survivors Showcase at Amos Southend in Charlotte, NC along with Black River Rebels, Something Clever, and Fiftywatt Freight Train. It was a night for all things new! New music debuted from both Something Clever and Fiftywatt Freight Train.

We are at a very interesting point in a bands story known as the very beginning; the once upon a time. Anything including the good, the bad, the ugly, the what the fucks, and the holy shit moments are possible at this time. I definitely experienced a “holy shit moment” at the No Survivors Showcase when they brought up former 21st Century Goliath vocalist, Tony Leone.

Pröwess left no survivors at Amos’ that night. They let me live so I could tell their story. I walked away with a limp and a few scars from all the earth shattering shock waves the band threw my way that night. After a few days in recovery, I had the opportunity to interview Kip Anthony Wilson, guitarist for Pröwess.

You guys worked so hard to build up the 21st Century Goliath brand. Why the name change?

First, and most importantly this isn’t a name change. 21st Century Goliath was something that primarily Scott and Tony built. While Adam, Kenny, and I were certainly members, we had a very small presence in the creation and writing departments. In this new band, we have 5 of us, including Dalton all on level ground writing and creating together. With this change, 21CG really ceased to exist. Pröwess is not a reincarnation of 21CG, but actually the birth of Charlotte’s new supreme rock and roll band.

How did you find your lead singer so quickly?

I think it’s a safe bet to assume that most musicians, despite their level, try to pay attention to their peers and competition. I can say for sure that I’ve always kept my eyes and ears open when it comes to the music scene. I had heard Dalton perform in his previous band before a handful of times and knew who he was. I believe Scott may have come across him through Facebook or YouTube and he brought him up. At that point I think he and I both agreed that Dalton had the specific look we were after, and had a skill set that would mesh well with band. It wasn’t long after we contacted him; he came in for an audition and nailed it.

I love the single “No Survivors”. What’s the story behind this song?

No Survivors came to be from our experiences on the road. Life playing music on the road comes across as a glamorous thing to most people. Their perception of tour life usually consists of tour buses and huge hotels. We are a working man’s band, and we all have been out on tour, and lived it as working men. It takes a special breed to be able to handle the rigors of playing night after night. Many of these nights, a rock and roll band can be the oddball on the bill. Sometimes you don’t fit at all. At first, people probably turn their noses up because you are not this or that enough, but after about 30 seconds in, you can see their asses start to shake and the heads start to move because they can’t help it and you’ve now won them over. You either get behind us or get prepared to be run over.

What is your vision for Pröwess?

Our vision is quite simple, and our name conveys that message. You hear of great warriors showing bravery and expertise in battle. You hear of the courage and the strength these warriors possess. We are rock and roll warriors. We battle to the beat of thunderous drums, with guitars for battle axes. It is a rare thing to see a pure rock and roll band these days, and we pride ourselves on being one of the torch bearers.

Were you at anytime worried that your die-hard fans wouldn’t accept the new changes?

Of course, we were all nervous with ending a band that so many people had invested in. 21CG had die-hard fans; there is no doubt about that. We were concerned some may even feel as if we were leaving them high and dry without any explanation. The Pröwess debut was heavily planned and thought out. We came to the conclusion that we might have a room full of broken hearts when we announce that 21CG is now buried, so why not hand the people something brand new that they can love.

How did you feel about Tony’s exit from the group?

This has been a heavily discussed topic, and I’ll say this. It is tough to lose a bandmate. It’s tough because you are friends with the guys you share a stage with. With that being said, change is hard, but sometimes a necessary thing. I’ve put that book on the shelf personally. My future is Pröwess and that is my focus.

How do you feel about all of the new changes?

I think Scott said it best at Amos Southend. Change is hard, but sometimes change is a necessary thing. I absolutely love that we have created a new brand of rock and roll for the world to sink their teeth into. Pröwess is our future. While my past may hold great memories with 21CG, I see the events that have transpired over the last few days leading to a bright future.

What was your reaction when you found out that you guys are opening for Ace Frehley?

When the news broke, I was thrilled. I have been a huge KISS fan since I was very young. In fact, they were my first concert! My favorite of the group has always been Ace. It’s a really a cool feeling to think back when I was five and watching him shoot rockets out of this Les Paul and blowing stuff up, and now I’ll get to share a stage with him. The guy is a guitar legend and a huge influence when it came to 70’s rock, which is was a defining moment for rock and roll and definitely a huge part of our sound. It’s great to know that right out of the gate, Pröwess got tapped to join Ace. Now we step up to the plate and crush the ball out of the park.

When can we expect more new music?

New things are already in the works as we speak. Pröwess is constantly writing and creating, and within the next month or so, the public will have something they can get their ears and eyes on.

What’s going to happen to your Cold Cock Whiskey sponsorship with your new band ?

I drink Jack Daniel’s.

Thank you Kip! Well my rockers, you heard the man. Onward and upward! The 21st CG story is over. I’m ready for a new tale called Pröwess. Click here to purchase tickets to see Pröwess and Ace Frehley on April 7th!

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