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An all-female band, crafted as a mate for the Misfits on their 40th Anniversary tour, known as She Demons have been under the radar rehearsing. The anticipation is killing me so I can’t imagine what it must be like for the rest of the metal community. As a female in the metal community… I love the concept of an all-girl band with an extreme edge, and I know that is exactly what we have here. We had the pleasure of interviewing Priya Panda on behalf of Diemonds just last year. I immediately contacted her once I discovered her involvement with She Demons.

The first question I have for you is an obvious one but necessary… Who are She Demons? We know all about you, Miss Priya, and most of the metal community is familiar with Alicia from her modeling/acting career, but who are these other badass chicks?

She Demons are five, strong women that can really sing and play. I’m so stoked!! Our guitar player, Kiki Wongo, is best known as the shredder in this awesome Hello Kitty on acid dance rock band called Nylon Pink. Constance is a tall blonde drink of rad and loves thrash and metal. She’s been playing guitar since she was 12! And holding things down in the back, we’ve got Jessica Goodwin, who moved from Vegas to LA to drum full-time. She’s so wild on stage, you kinda gotta see it to believe it. I can’t wait for the girls to give it all we got and hit the road!

How did the She Demons come about?

The idea for the band is the brainchild of Jerry Only. It’s something he’s always wanted to see happen since he’d always admired 60’s girl groups growing up and obviously he’s a punk and it was a natural combination in his mind. He got the ball rolling almost a year ago. I was contacted to audition because my style of singing suited the songs, and I couldn’t have been more surprised when I got the offer. It’s been an honour to work with Jerry since I’ve been a lifelong Misfits fan! This is all still really surreal to me.

What style of music should fans be expecting from She Demons?

She Demons is a rock n’ roll band with roots in punk rock, metal and 60’s girl groups! People can expect twisted love songs and we hit some pretty out there topics like monsters and aliens. It’s a good time!


Photo by Mike Ford

Who is writing the music for She Demons?

In the beginning most of the tunes were written by Jerry, but all of the members have contributed since and have continued to. We have a lot we want to do and say and this is going to be the perfect platform.

How do you feel Misfits fans will react to She Demons?

I think they’ll dig us, and they’ll realize that we can kick ass and hold our own too!

Will She Demons only be touring with Misfits? Is this something they you guys plan to branch out on, or is this a “play with Misfits only contract?”

Our first shows in 2015 will be with Misfits. We love that idea, we get to tour with a band that we look up to and learn the ropes while playing shows all over the place. It’s an amazing opportunity for a young band like us and we’re excited and grateful too.

Our first shows are at the end of June in southern California and it kind of just keeps going from there. We go on tour with Misfits in the fall as well. From there, we want to break out of our cocoon and spread our wings and see what comes our way. It would be a dream to be able to tour with more of our favorite bands!

I noticed there was already a change in the lineup for She Demons.

It took awhile for the right pieces to come together and there were a number of reasons some changes were made before the band played any shows or recorded anything. We’re super happy with the lineup we have! It’s been all about the rock n’ roll and just hanging out and getting along.

When was it decided that you would be a part of this project?

In April, when most of the line-up was solidified was when I came on board.

What goals have the She Demons made during rehearsals so far?

We’ve been really ambitious with our goals so far and I think everything has been going right on course because we’ve been focused as a unit and we all want the same thing for this band – world domination! We just want to get to the point where we sound good, look good and feel good playing, haha. Hell yeah.

With an all-female band and a female manager, there must be a lot of estrogen brewing in that rehearsal studio. Poor Jerry…

Yup, he loves it though!! But that’s probably because the five of us are the most chill girls around, same with our manager Mandy. I think I speak for everyone when I say we’re all down for a good time, an adventure, and we’re easygoing so we work well with Jerry, whose brain works a million miles a minute. You have to be ready to adapt and switch gears with only a moment’s notice. It’s a wicked meeting of the minds.

Well I can’t help but ask… What is your current status concerning your band Diemonds? We know you guys are not on a hiatus and you have plenty of gigs booked as usual, so I assume everything will just be worked around both band schedules.

Yup, you said it! I love Diemonds and I’ve been doing that band awhile and love us or hate us, we’re not going anywhere. But it’s no secret I absolutely love female performers like Doro, and Girlschool, and the Runaways. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be a part of the real-life Jem and The Holograms. Haha!

Diemonds has got my back and so has She Demons. I’m feeling blessed beyond belief to have this much support.

What do you believe the future holds for you in the music community?

I know that we have a lot to look forward to. It’s an incredibly fun time to be a She Demon and a Diemond!


Photo by Tristan Carkeet

She Demons will be making their debut opening for Misfits in June:


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