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Brothers Kenny and Tommy Ende from Seneca Falls, NY formed Nasty Habit in 2011 along with drummer David Jordan and bassist Frankie Wheeler. Their full-length self-titled album debuted in March of 2012 along with a series of videos that are oozing of sleaze and attitude. Since then, these New York rocker boys have landed the reputation as the “World’s Rudest Band” while playing hundreds of shows across US, and have a fan base that extends across the globe.

Besides skateboarding, pizza, and teenage mutant ninja turtles, what are you into?

Well, you covered most of the bases! Haha. Aside from the above, I do a solid amount of exercising, it’s the only way to counteract all of that pizza! Lately I’ve been dabbling in photography too, but it’s an expensive hobby and a lot of work so it’s slowly but surely coming along. I also try to read a few books a year, it refines my writing and speaking which is important with all the emails I send and people I chat with!

What got you into music and who is your biggest influence?

I can’t say there was ever a specific time that I remember realizing I was “into music”. I was always sort of that kid that wouldn’t ever stop singing and still am. 90% of the time I have a song stuck in my head, and in that case I can’t help but sing it! If we’re talking inspiration. That would be my brother Kenny. He’s always been my best friend and we’ve always shared common interests. I think he started taking music serious before I did, so naturally I followed suit.

In regards to influence, that’s another tough one to pin point. I have a wide variety of vocal influences at the moment. Probably ones my fans wouldn’t expect. I’ve been listening to a lot of Bruno Mars lately to give you an idea of what I mean by that!

I heard that you started out as a drummer in your previous band. What led you to becoming a front man and what was that transition like for you?

A lot of people like to touch on that part of the band’s history, and I think it’s gotten a bit glorified haha. Those were our garage days. Before we even played a show. When Kenny and I were kids our Mom told us to pick an instrument. Kenny picked guitar so I picked drums. That way we could jam together. And so we did. At that point I never considered that the voice could be my instrument. Later on we had a garage band which eventually lost it’s singer. Conveniently we met David Jordan at the same time. He was a far better drummer than I was, and I was a far better singer than our last guy. So we just did a swap. The transition was seamless.

Nasty Habit’s 5-track EP, “Desperate Times, Desperate Measures” is currently streaming online free of charge. What can fans of Nasty Habit’s self-titled album expect from this EP?

Bigger, better, more mature and more concise. We’ve grown a lot as song writers since our debut and we feel it’s evident with this latest release. To us; our first album is full of things we’d do differently. Where as the latest release we worked meticulously to avoid that.

Fans donated money through in order to pay for the production of “Desperate Times, Desperate Measures”. Is this why you made the EP available for all your fans to enjoy for free?

We think it’s important at this point in our career to get the music out to fans. The present state of the industry makes from music sales near impossible anyway. So making our songs exclusively available to those who purchase it would really be limiting our potential growth.

What is the song writing process like for Nasty Habit?

Kenny is our main writer and I’m like his side kick. Kenny is to Tommy as Batman is to Robin! Haha. We usually will start with a chorus and present it to the other. We provide a critique for each other and go from there. If one of us are stuck with an idea then the other will usually help finish it lyrically, melodically or both. After we have the melodies worked out, which we spend a lot of time focusing on, we present the song to Frankie and DJ and work together until it’s 100% complete.

What is it like working with NYC producer, Stacy O’Dell? What can you tell use about Riverfront Studios in New York, NY?

We got to know Riverfront pretty well! Stacey was cool enough to let us sleep there during the recording process which saved us a lot of time and money. Working with him was an awesome experience. He really had some great ideas that I think impacted the EP in all the right ways. He’s very focused when he’s working. He engineered and produced simultaneously which is very demanding. One of the coolest things about it was just making friends with the guy. He’s a bonafide team member at this point!

Nasty Habit was runner-up in the 2013 Grammy Gig-of-a-Lifetime contest. Do you think the band’s popularity has increased significantly due to this?

Maybe not significantly, but at least partially. I have a hunch that it’s how our manager discovered us, he’ll probably confirm or deny after reading this haha!

In retrospect do you think you could have done something different on the self-titled album?

There’s plenty I would change, but I won’t go into specifics. I would have cut 3 songs off of it if I could. Quality over quantity.

The band recently debuted the video from “Heartless,” which is a track off of the new EP. What was it like working with Adam Gendler on this music video? Will you continue to work with him on future Nasty Habit videos?

I would say yes, you can expect another video with AG. I spent a lot of time asking questions and dictating how I wanted each shot to look and he was really patient and easy going throughout that, which I appreciated. He’s talented but not cocky or entitled.

Describe the most memorable show or festival Nasty Habit has played so far.

I think it’s hands down Rocklahoma 2013/2014. There’s a huge sense of camaraderie between the bands that play the Retrospect Records stage, so we have a lot of fun together. Not to mention the crowds. They rule because they’re 100% there to party. A lot of connections, friendships and memories have been made for us at that festival.

Nasty Habit has connected with many up and coming bands. Are there any bands in particular that caught your eye that fans should be on the lookout for?

Shit, I’ve got so many! CIMINO, Black Tora, Ragdoll, Tempt, Station, Dellacoma, Mach22…

Does Nasty Habit have any plans to tour overseas in order to reach the rest of your rapidly growing fan base?

We get that question daily. The answer is, at the present time nothing is planned, and I can’t say for certain when it will be. But yes, we DO intend to do so. We definitely want to come play for those who have been so incredibly patiently awaiting it.

What can fans anticipate from Nasty Habit in the near future?

More music, more videos and more tours. Probably in that order! We’re hard at work on new material and we fully intend to support it with videos and tours!

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