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Kickin Valentina, Imaginary Creatures

After much long-awaited anticipation, the latest full-length release from Kickin Valentina is here. We first introduced you to the sleaze kings of Atlanta back in 2014 when we interviewed bassist, Chris Taylor. At the time, the band was still a newborn baby and working on finalizing their 2nd EP. The first two EPs were then translated and remastered for their first full-length release, Super Atomic. The evolution of this band has been absolutely riveting and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

The band’s latest release, Imaginary Creatures, takes us to a whole new level… quite possibly to eleven. I would consider this the richest and strongest release from the band so far. You already expect the obvious – catchy, bluesy, and most importantly… sleazy. What you probably didn’t expect is the amazing production with this release. From the Georgia Music Awards to the Monsters of Rock Cruise coming up in February, 2018 – these guys have gained some serious attention over the past few years.

Imaginary Creatures was made for those that appreciate the preservation of sleaze rock. Kickin Valentina is now firing on all cylinders. I’ll quote myself on a description of Kickin Valentina, because it still rings true. “You don’t normally play these kind of songs for your mother, unless you have a mom like mine. Maybe you should play it for your mother. Get her ass to a show and I doubt she will be disappointed.” Do you know what attitude, aggression and passion tastes like? I believe that it tastes a lot like Kickin Valentina. I can’t say that I have a favorite track on this album because I have enjoyed it from start to finish. You’ve got an authentic engine-starting rock n’ roll intro, well-developed lyrics and riffs for every trick, and a sleazy cover of the Elvis classic “Burnin’ Love,” featuring guitarist, Chris Green (Rubicon Cross / Tyketto). What more could fans ask for?

What does the future hold for these guys? In September 2017, Kickin Valentina are set to play in Germany and headline a tour in Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, and Sweden. I’m eagerly awaiting the newest music video coming on July 28th as well as seeing my friends in Kickin Valentina on the Monsters of Rock Cruise in February of 2018!


  1. Eyes
  2. Turns Me On
  3. Devil’s Hand
  4. Eat ‘N’ Run
  5. Crazy
  6. Street
  7. Roll Ya One
  8. Heartbreak
  9. Burning Love
  10. Imaginary Creatures

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