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Metallica at The Rose Bowl

Date: July 29, 2017
Venue: The Rose Bowl
Location: Pasadena, CA

A week ago Saturday my view of The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Ca. forever changed… What once held my memories of World Cup victories, Gold Cup loses, and the premier of Major League Soccer were all but blown out of the water… Metallica, on their World Wired Tour, now and forever will be in my short and long term memory, when asked about The Rose Bowl.

This show was covered as a fan; no special passes, (but, a bit o’ luck of the Irish), just an awesome gifted ticket from and its owner.  Thanks dude.

I couldn’t wait to see Gojira, this is a band who has slipped past me more than once on tour… It almost happened again… From the moment they hit the stage opening for the Metallica, the 8 songs were not going to be enough. The guitars were beasts, the vocals both clean and monstrous, and drums beat down on us through the poor defenseless speakers. The band was everything that I had hoped they would be. Their unique dual robotic like guitar attack made even more epic blasting throughout The Rose BowlI know that I’ll even have more to say in a couple weeks when I see them at Psycho Las Vegas!

The main support act for Metallica was none other than another headliner, Avenged Sevenfold (A7X). The crowd basically got to rock out to two of America’s finest metal bands, what a spectacle!
What band can open with an 8+ min single (that makes for a long time in the photographers well!) and still keep the crowd going, these guys. As a fan of NWOBHM, Zacky & Synyster have taken the torch of dual lead guitars and continued the tradition of sharing tasty licks and blistering leads. May they never stop, all you haters can . . . Don’t get me wrong I know the difference; it’s just one aspect of the early 80’s British metal! Getting to hear and see those great drum parts created by the late great REV, was also treat. Being a non-drummer I’m amazed by the abilities of drummers, the man behind the kit, Brooks is solid as they come. M. Shadows is an amazing front man, energetic and brings the crowd to frenzy. I only wish I had been closer to really see and feel the show . . . I will make it a point to see them again, because 10 songs was not enough.

Upgrade! The totally cool aisle dude gave the best tickets he had to my party and me. Our new seats were simply great . . . No obstruction and we could see the whole stage now, just-in-time for the Mighty Met!!!  Well, that was until we got hooked up. . . again. . . with floor tickets . . . The crowd was large, yet people let people push through. . . . “Somehow some way” I found myself right in the middle of the Snake Pit, that same pit that I witnessed years ago during the Black Tour, and subsequent tours, always wondering how the heck I could get down there. Well, it happened and I happily had a sore neck for the next few days because I HAD to look straight up at James, Lars, Kirk, and Robert, well worth it! Watching Metallica with the legendary Mike D of the Beastie Boys, giving metal horns to Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, and meeting like minded metal heads, of ALL AGES, was such a surreal moment, one not soon lost on this guy.

Metallica blew the non-existent roof off of The Rose Bowl. Fireworks, inflatables, and fire did there best to keep up with the energy of these 35+ year veterans of the metal world. Each night a different set, each night the guys giving the city their all. The Metallica boys may look and sound a bit different from the first time I saw them, but they were no less the same band ready to kick arse! I won’t recreate the setlist, that is easy to find online. My days of writing them down on a flyer and keeping for years, only to lose in some rare moment of clutter dispersing is behind me. I was there to just take in the moment and realize that I was seeing history, witnessing musical greatness, and enjoying the shite out life.  That said, the new songs held their own against the classics. The only bummer was Creeping Death not being drawn out like in the past. I missed the drawn out “die, die, die.

Metallica is no stranger to large venues, but this was The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, home to the Grand Daddy of them all College football’s Rose Bowl. . . This was not lost on the guys, Metallica hooked us up with a lil’ surprise. Who would of ever thunk we would hear Hetfield sing Pasadena’s very own Van Eff’n Halen? It was a cool lil’ moment that we, of the “Pasadena Chapter,” of fans can call our own. Ignore the fact that it’s been viewed a “few” times on YouTube, we were there.

Not really much that I can say about the band that has, literally, ruled all 7 continents of the world for the better part of 3+ decades, lived their collective lives like an open wound for all the world to see, and have brought countless hopeful wannabe rock stars minute minutes of metal bliss.  With this I close and thank Metallica for being Metallica!

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