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Michale Graves at Koto in Salem, Massachusetts

Date: June 17, 2015
Venue: Koto
Location: Salem, Massachusetts

I was out at show a few weeks back at this new place called Koto in Salem that’s been holding a ton of shows lately. I came across a flyer outside the door that Michale Graves, formerly of the Misfits, was going to be playing there. It really doesn’t happen that someone of his stature would be playing in the area so I must admit, I was goddamn ecstatic. This would be my first time seeing him live. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I arrive the night of the show and there was a decent sized crowd. His true hardcore fans were ready and waiting for the show to start but before it even began; Michale was just hanging spending time talking to everyone. He goes, grabs his guitar, fine tunes a little bit and goes for it. He starts with Blackbird, that man has a voice that is even better than on the record. Its raw and beautiful. He sings from the soul and pulls you right in. He went on to play best of the best from his Misfits days. Hearing him play Descending Angel (which is my favorite song ) acoustic, far exceeded my expectations of how I thought it might sound.  He went on to play for almost two hours. In between songs he would ask the crowd what they wanted to hear. Everything from Ophelia to Dig Up Her Bones to Helena. By the end I don’t think there was one song left unsung.  He has to be one of the most underrated artists of all time. I was far beyond impressed musically and personally he was a gem to speak with. If you have a chance to catch him out on the road, you’ll be in for one of the greatest times you could have. Your ears will thank me for it.

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Photos by: Janeé Carroll

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