Power Ballad Picks II

12 more make out anthems chosen by yer pal, HairMetalGreaser.

Beau Nasty – Paradise In The Sand

A little known band that put out one album and one music video in 1989. Most of the album is paint-by-numbers 80’s hard rock but this track stands out as their crowning achievement.

Body Count – The Winner Loses

Sure, they riled everyone up with their incendiary anthem “Cop Killer” they even managed to tug on your heartstrings with this emotional tune about the dangers of drug use.

Giuffria – Call To The Heart

Post-ANGEL, Pre-House Of Lords this song actually made the TOP 20 in 1984 when it was released. With David Glenn Eisley on vocals, Craig Goldy on lead guitar and of course Greg Giuffria on keys how could this not have been a hit.

I, Napoleon – Everytime I See Your Picture

Another forgotten one album/one video band from 1991. These Canadian hard rockers covered a song from another Canadian performer, Luba and struck gold with their performance.

Pretty Boy Floyd – Wild Angels

From the bubblegum glam masterpiece “Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz” They had another power ballad that was in heavy rotation on MTV “I Wanna Be With You” but “Wild Angels” shines brighter as a lighter hoisting anthem.

Salty Dog – Sacrifice Me

Hidden deep on the penultimate sleaze metal album, this slow, powerful ballad is absolute perfection. You can feel every emotion being wrenched out of Jimmi Bleachers voice during the end.

Tattoo Rodeo – Been Your Fool

This country-ish hard rock ballad finds the dudes from White Sister putting in the effort to produce an Eagles style ballad. The breakdown where the instruments drop out and you’re just left with David Churchill-Dries voice will give you goosebumps.

Jesse Strange – The Last Goodbye

A band almost no one remembers. They came waaaay late in the game. Their lone album released in late 92 and had no support. Their are a few great rockers but the last track is a buried treasure. Soaring vocals, lamenting lyrics and a smokin’ solo make this ballad one to search for.

Heaven – The Ballad

Mick Cocks left Rose Tattoo and joined these other Australian rockers, HEAVEN. On their debut record “BENT” they slowed the bluesy rock down for 6 minutes to unleash this monument of song title simplicity.

Smashed Gladys – Eye Of The Storm

On such an overtly sexual record it comes as a surprise when you suddenly hear this delicate ode to growing up fast. It goes to show even the sleaziest of bands have feelings too

RATT – Givin’ Yourself Away

DETONATOR was the last RATT album to feature the original lineup so it must’ve been time to finally release a ballad of sorts. Songwriters Diane Warren and Desmond Child helped write this song and their contribution shot this song into the stratosphere.

Tuff – I Hate Kissing You Goodbye

Its arguable but the facts are this…this was #3 on DIAL MTV the week Nirvana premiered on the channel. This incredible ballad is the very final hit of the 80’s Metal era and what an end to the era it is. Goddamn, if you haven’t heard this I suggest you get yourself on YouTube right the hell now.

Image provided by the douche that taught us it’s okay to steal.

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