Power Ballad Picks

Wanna hear some tunes you probably haven’t ever heard of? Check out 15 Power Ballads chosen by yer pal, HairMetalGreaser.

Asphalt Ballet – Tuesday’s Rain

After getting your pain washed away in the Rain of November cue this tune up. This mid-tempo, melancholy ballad will have you contemplating the deeds you have done.

Cats N Boots – Every Sunrise

With a chord progression such as this one, it couldn’t be anything else but epic. The length is also on the verge of epic, clocking in at 6 minutes and 15 seconds.

Cry Wolf – Pretender

My favorite song of all time. Built upon a truly majestic guitar riff and soaring vocals. The solo will give you chills.

Every Mother’s Nightmare – Love Can Make You Blind

Love me some 12 string riffage and these Southerners do not disappoint! They been wronged by a cheatin’ woman and they want you to know about it.

Wildside – Kiss This Love Goodbye

How this wasn’t a hit baffles me. Even thought it came late in the game (92) it sounds like a Diane Warren-penned smash.

Tigertailz – Heaven

A Bezerk group of Welshmen wanted to soar your emotions to new heights, take this 6 minute voyage straight into the beyond.

Southgang – Love Ain’t Enough

Desmond Child wrote some of the greatest songs of all time. He helped the Georgia boys shoot for the top of the charts. Unfortunately, not a whole lot heard it.

Saints N’ Sinners – Takin’ My Chances

Another song that escaped being a hit by being released in 1992. A true Masterpiece. HUGE Chorus, get your lighters out.

Roxy Blue – Nobody Knows

Starting out softly this ballad kicks into gear halfway through with a strong solo and some seriously powerhouse vocals from Todd Poole.

Kik Tracee – You’re So Strange

A very atmospheric track that stands out amongst the mixed bag that is No Rules from Kik Tracee.

KingOfTheHill – If I Say

Fun & Funky, very poppy Ballad from these St. Louis Funk-Metallers.

McQueen Street – In Heaven

Dark & Mysterious tale with a chorus that will haunt you after hearing it.

Tall Stories – Restless One

A Pre-Journey Steve Augeri shines on this stellar track from a hidden AOR gem of an album.

Slammin’ Gladys – Down On Your Knees

Backtracking on the sleaze long enough to bust out a tender ballad about…well…have a listen and figure it out.

Zebra – Who’s Behind The Door?

All the way back in 1983 the Zebra boys channeled the spirit of Led Zeppelin in this dreamy, etheral track that has an absolutely breathtaking outro.

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