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21st Century Goliath & Betrayed by the Bullet

Date: October 25, 2014
Venue: Private Party
Location: Norton, West Virginia

21st Century Goliath and Betrayed by the Bullet Rock the Mountains of West Virginia

As a longtime fan of everything rock and metal, I recently had the privilege of hosting a private party with two bands that should be on every true rock fans radar. As an aging rocker I also feel it is imperative that we expose the next generation to a show anytime we possibly can.  My wife and I are always on the lookout for all-ages shows; although in West Virginia, they are very difficult to find. With that said, we decided to take matters into our own hands, and after months of preparation. we were able to turn a large portion of our home into a venue fit for live rock n roll. We knew that the invited guests that had seen these bands live were ready for the onslaught….everyone else was about to get smacked in the mouth.

Betrayed by the Bullet, hailing from Parkersburg, West Virginia, took the stage first, slamming into a number of songs from their upcoming album being produced by former Bobaflex bassist Jerod Mankin. For a young group of guys, this band plays like seasoned veterans! With the heavy groove of Mason Riley on drums and Jerry Larew on bass overlapped by rhythm guitarist Dylan Fetty, lead guitarist Brandon Gribble fired off some outstanding lead work. Vocalist Shawn Coe belted out song after song with his instantly recognizable style. Blazing through Hell Knows, Condemned, Silence and other songs from the upcoming album, Betrayed by the Bullet left the crowd begging for more, and more was what they were about to get!

“Rock is dead. There are no longer any rock stars.” These are statements from those that have not seen Charlotte, North Carolina’s finest band. 21st Century Goliath do not perform….they are unleashed! The band takes its rock roots seriously firing off AC/DC inspired riffs, scorching leads and a fearsome backbone of rhythm to create a sound that few bands today can match. Tony Leone serves as the master of ceremonies with his distinct growl and punk infused delivery. Guitarist Scott Roby plays like a man possessed and never stops for anything. His delivery is like that of a sustained explosion: you are hit and it just keeps coming. Guitarist Kip Wilson also delivers the goods. adding another layer to the mix. Wilson is often soaked in beer and tailing off leads to complement those of Roby. Drummer Adam Ellis is a calm before the storm kind of guy, and on this night, I was able to see him play his double bass set up for the first time! Ellis doesn’t just play, he attacks his kit, as I feel all drummers should. We were also treated to the unofficial debut of bassist Kenny Keeler. Keeler nailed the gig with his style mixing perfectly with Ellis’.

21CG’s set list included Life’s a Bitch, Love Me Again and Radio Destroyer from the debut album, great covers of Chuck Berry’s Let it Rock and Aerosmith’s Mama Kin. The crowd was also treated to Welcome to the Darkside, Brace Yourself for Hell, You Crossed the Line, No Gold, Cold Hearted Woman and the self-titled track from the upcoming Back with a Vengeance album. When the show was over, the crowd was absolutely exhausted as both bands refused to leave a single fan out of the party. The event lasted well into the night and beyond….but, this portion of the story may be better left untold.

Betrayed by the Bullet are eyeing sometime early in 2015 for the release of their debut album and currently have gigs lined up throughout the Ohio Valley and beyond.

21st Century Goliath have finished their next masterpiece album and it was produced, mixed and mastered by Jamie King with associate production by Scott Roby and Drew Cyphers. This is the album that will show the world that 21CG are truly “Back with a Vengeance” and ready to pick up the rock n roll torch. The album is currently available as a presale on the band’s website, iTunes and CDBaby and will be unleashed on December 5, 2014 during their album release party at Amos’ Southend in Charlotte. Better get your ticket, it’s going to be a show!

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Photos by: Amy Smith, Danielle Mick and Dirt Candy Photography

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