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Cheap Trick

Date: October 5, 2014
Venue: Iron City
Location: Birmingham, Alabama

If you’re a fan of rock music, and you’ve never seen Cheap Trick live, then shame on you. The band has been touring for nearly 40 years! They are not afraid to open or play with any band, because usually the will blow anyone else away. Tonight’s headlining show would be no exception.
Opening with the traditional Hello There (it’s weird if they don’t open with that) right into C’mon, C’mon and Big Eyes, all of the 1977 classics – In Color, the band was out with guns ablaze.

Any doubts the band was going to play it safe with the setlist were squashed, when deep cut after deep cut such as Hot Love, He’s A Whore, Oh Caroline, and Heaven Tonight (which Rick Nielsen introduced as Billy Gibbins and Steven Tyler’s favorite Cheap Trick song).
But the 2 main highlights of the night were the performances of not just 1, but both epics of the Dream Police album, Need Your Love and in the encore Gonna Raise Hell. Both of the songs clock in around 10 minutes, so this was a treat to get both in the set. Guitarist and pick thrower Rick Neilsen, bassets Tom Peterson and drummer Daxx Nielsen (Rick’s son, who has taken over for Bun E. Carlos) all sounded amazing on the extended jams during those numbers as well as the whole show. Robin Zander was the MVP of the evening. His voice was so strong, you would not think he is 61 years young. His voice has not lost anything.

I would call this show the best concert of the year for me so far. If you have not seen this legendary, should be in the Hall Of Fame band, please do so asap. I look forward to my next Cheap Trick show.

Hello There
Come On Come On
Big Eyes
Hot Love
Baby Loves to Rock
He’s a Whore
On Top of the World
Heaven Tonight
Clock Strikes Ten
Southern Girls
Oh Caroline
Need Your Love
Waiting for the Man
Sick Man of Europe
I Want You to Want Me
Dream Police
Never Had A Lot to Lose
Gonna Raise Hell

Photo by: Todd Heft

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