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Crobot, Something Supernatural

Something Supernatural, 2014

Something Supernatural, 2014

Something Supernatural, the major-label debut by the up-and-coming Pennsylvania band Crobot, is perfectly summed up by the band’s very own subtitle: “Dirty. Groove. Rock.” The distorted, corrosive intro to “Legend of The Spacebourne Killer” launches what is not only one of the best rock albums of the year, but also one of the best debut albums I’ve ever heard.

What makes this album such a winner? Well, everything actually…

It’s Dirty…

Guitarist Chris Bishop’s twangy Telecaster guitar tone, funky rhythm playing and electronic wizardry are key to Crobot’s overall sound.

It Grooves….

Brothers Jake (bass) and Paul (drums) Figeruoa power Crobots’ driving rhythm section by laying down an active, constantly moving groove that’s full of swing and swagger.

It Rocks…

Singer Brandon Yeagley is one of the best new singers around, with sort of a Chris Cornell meets Andrew Stockdale vibe and delivery.

While not a concept album by any means, lyrical content throughout the album pertains to all things supernatural (hence the album title), so there are plenty of references to wizards and princesses, necromancers and the Devil himself. Even the somewhat fictitious blood-sucking Chupacabra gets a nod.

“Nowhere To Hide” sounds as though it were built for rock radio while the breakneck boogie of “The Necromancer” is propelled to an even higher plane by lead singer Brandon Yeagley’s harmonica flourishes. “Skull of Geronimo,” is a slamming, dirty, groove-heavy rocker that’s bound to get your head bobbing while “Fly On The Wall” careens and ricochets like a spastic child in a plastic bounce house.

While a majority of the songs are up-tempo, it’s when Crobot slows it down a little bit that some real magic happens. Both “La Mano De Lucifer” and “Queen Of The Light” are epic in nature and are (in my opinion) the two standout tracks on this album. Beautifully written and performed by the band, “Queen Of The Light” is a slow-burning slice of pure magnificence with a vocal hook that is bound to get stuck in your head.

In conclusion, Something Supernatural flat out rocks. There’s no two ways around it…you will bang your head and shake your ass, guaranteed.

Catch Crobot on tour in 2015 opening for Volbeat & Anthrax, and then overseas opening for Black Label Society later in the year.

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