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Crucified Barbara, In the Red

crucified barbara in the red

In the Red, 2014

What makes Crucified Barbara stand out is the fact that they are an all female band that holds nothing back while they kick you in the face with their own brand of metal. To continue their tradition of face-kicking hard rock, Crucified Barbara released In The Red on September 10, 2014; an album that is sure to stand up to the test of time. In The Red takes off sprinting with “I Sell My Kids For Rock N Roll” where it kicks off with every member blasting away. Mia Coldheart (guitar/vocals) brings it out with an introductory solo before diving straight into the vocals. Mia is supported by one of the most entertaining drummers to currently perform with, Nicki Wicked, who beats away at her drums while Mia nails her vocal duties. Nicki is a drummer that understands that simplicity is sometimes better than complexity, and in “I Sell My Kids For Rock N Roll” she embraces that better than ever; swiftly jumping into the chorus Crucified Barbara’s second guitarist hops in accompanied by bassist, Ida Evileye, for one of the most fun and outrageous choruses of most any modern hard rock song ever. To answer any questions of their dedication to their profession, Crucified Barbara wrote “I Sell My Kids for Rock N Roll” as a way to promise that they are not going anywhere for any reason.

Obviously a band that doesn’t play around, the heaviest track on the album “To Kill A Man” is actually a song that Crucified Barbara wrote as protest to sexual assault. The band describes the tune as “heavy metal carrying a very heavy message along with it.” Crucified Barbara set out to write their best album to date, and after two songs they manage to make their previous albums seems shallow by comparison.

The third song on the album, “Electric Sky,” is one to make you jump out of your chair and bang your head while you belt the lyrics and chorus to one of the most fun and exciting rock n’ roll songs of the last several years. “The Ghost Inside” is where the true inspiration for this album rears it’s head with an intro riff that sounds straight out of W.A.S.P’s The Headless Children and a drum tone that is happy to support that thought. A song about ignoring the voices in your head that try to hold you back could only be followed by “Don’t Call On Me.” A powerful song about never returning to someone that brings you down.

Songs “In The Red” and “Lunatic #1” continue to crank this album to a higher level with more killer riffs, thunderous bass licks, and on point drum cracks. By the time “Shadows” starts blaring, you think to yourself… “How many more great songs can a band put on one album?” “Shadows” does not come close to disappointing with a killer guitar solo and high energy metal. In The Red is rounded out with “Finders Keepers,” “Do You Want Me,” and “Follow The Stream” which all help carry the torch to finish off a fun, heavy, skilled, and powerful metal album. In The Red landed Crucified Barbara a P3 Guld award in the hard rock/metal category and received a nomination for a Swedish Grammy award. Crucified Barbara is one of Sweden’s premiere bands that continues to show that they do not rely on flair to get their point across, but instead let their remarkable talent speak for itself. Crucified Barbara are currently touring in France and will support Girlschool on their North American “Guilty as Sin” Tour this year!

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