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Jam Prancer

Date: August 13, 2014
Venue: The Viper Room
Location: Hollywood, CA

It was the night of August 6th and The London Quireboys had just slayed the crowd at the Whisky A Go Go. After the show everyone walked up the strip to The Rainbow for the after party. While everyone was getting rowdy and having a great time there was a rumor going around that Steel Panther was going to play a secret show at The Viper Room on August 13. It was promised to be like the old days when they were known as Metal Shop. Small club, all the old covers they used to do and maybe the old crowd that used to see them at Club Vodka.

I kept the rumor in my head and talked with everyone I knew that is in the inner circle of Hollywood Metal. It was confirmed that it was happening, so I acquired 3 tickets for me and whoever else wanted to go see this rare event.

The afternoon of August 13 was one that was rife with naysayers saying it was just a rumor and nothing else. A mysterious Facebook page suddenly popped up advertising a band called JAM PRANCER that was indeed playing a show at The Viper Room that evening. Even my friends Charlie & Teriane that I got tickets for didn’t believe it was actually gonna be Steel Panther. I told them to quit being negative and just go to the show.


We arrived on the Sunset Strip after sitting in traffic for awhile. The line was around the block! When you see ex-MTV VJ Jesse Camp hanging outside taking photos, you know there is a Hairband playing somewhere close. That gave my naysaying friends a little hope. I didn’t need hope, I had faith.

We missed the opening band unfortunately, we made it 10 minutes before the mysterious JAM PRANCER was to take the stage. As we stood around knocking back cheap Modelo’s and mingling with the rest of our misfit friends the DJ was cranking the hell out of WASP/GNR/CRUE/POISON. It feels awesome being in a club full of like minded people. There were no tourists or posers that used to frequent the Key Club shows before the band got a record deal. This felt like the old days when it was a close knit bunch at Club Vodka.


All of a sudden the music stopped, you could hear the opening riff to the Warrant classic “Down Boys” and the curtain unfurled…you damn right it was the mighty STEEL PANTHER masquerading under an assumed name!!!


Everybody was singing and having a great time. They went into the RATT masterpiece “Round N Round” after then took a moment to address the elephant in the room. Michael Starr told the audience “Were playing this show as JAM PRANCER so our management wont get their usual 50% they always squeeze outta us”. Hahaha! What a great show it was that followed.

They did end up playing 1 song from their usual namesake, “Girl From Oklahoma”, and of course it was a highlight to see them interpolate “More Than Words” into it. It was a short set with a LOT of shit talking thrown in for good measure.

Here is the set from that night:

  • Down Boys
  • Round and Round
  • We’re Not Gonna Take It
  • Runnin’ With the Devil
  • Livin’ on a Prayer
  • Girl From Oklahoma
  • Paradise City
  • Pour Some Sugar on Me

When the show was over the band hung out to take pictures with everyone and I made my way to the downstairs bar where they were selling once in a lifetime shirts to commemorate the show. I got the very last XL they made. The shirts went very quickly selling for only 20 bucks. On the sidewalk outside people were already selling their shirts for 50 bucks to the fans that couldn’t get into the show.


After taking pictures out front everybody piled over to Mel’s Diner and celebrated another awesome show that you really only can experience here in the promised land of Hollywood!

I took video but its from the audience perspective, here is a video of the entire show taken from the sound booth.

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