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Kickin Valentina, Super Atomic

KV_SuperAtomic_CDcoverFinally… something sleazy as hell and worth rocking out to over and over again! I really hope that someone has left a copy of this album at the doors of the Westboro Baptist Church. The intro “Sermon” explains it all. I personally love albums with intros and how it sets the thematic tone of a record. Atlanta’s Kickin Valentina are the perfect formula for that heavy, raunchy ass-kickin’ sound that I love about good ‘ole sleaze metal. Joe Edwards’ vocals are the perfect combination of raw and gritty that make up that sleazy sound that I love so much. I’m talkin’ the good stuff… like Love/Hate meets Sea Hags! If you appreciate heavy sleaze rock like I do, this is definitely the formula for you. I previously listened to Kickin Valentina‘s first couple of EPs, but when I heard that Super Atomic would be released as a full-length album under a new label, Mighty Music/Target Group, I was already itching to hear it all from a new perspective. This was definitely a great direction for the band and more importantly, all of the tracks have been remixed/remastered.

If you have been a frequent visitor to our website, you should know that Kickin Valentina‘s guitarist, Heber Pampillon, drummer, Jimmy Berdine, bassist, Chris Taylor and vocalist, Joe Edwards, have really made their mark on the music scene lately. In 2014, they were awarded the 2014 Georgia Music Award for the rock band category and recently won Video of the Year at the 2015 Georgia Music Awards for the music video “Wrong Way.” I personally love the type of songs that you can “crash your car to,” so naturally my favorite tracks on Super Atomic would have to be “On My Side,” “Fist N Twist” and “Dirty Girl.” Even though it’s not as upbeat… I distinctly remember “Anita” being my favorite track from the first EP. It’s catchy, it’s bluesy and it’s sleazy; just the way I like it. I am very pleased with how this record has evolved from the band’s first EPs, especially when it comes to production. I am always worried about overproduction on an album when it gets remastered, but no worries here. The raw and raunchy sound that makes Kickin Valentina who they are has been preserved in Super Atomic.

I believe what really makes this record as sleazy as it is, are the lyrics. If you know anything about sleaze rock, it’s not supposed to be sweet and pretty. You don’t normally play these kind of songs for your mother, unless you have a mom like mine. Maybe you should play it for your mother. Get her ass to a show and I doubt she will be disappointed. After rocking out with these guys a few times this year in hole-in-the-wall bars to a festival scene like Farm Rock… I am well aware that there is nothing these guys can’t handle. Be on the lookout for Kickin Valentina because they are not slowing down anytime soon. You can also catch them at Farm Rock festival in Atlanta coming up this November. Check out their music video for “Wrong Way” below and don’t forget to order your copy of Super Atomic!

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