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Salty Dog, Every Dog Has Its Day

Every Dog Has Its Day, 1990

Once in a blue moon, a band is able to catch lightning in a bottle. Salty Dog are one of those bands — a group that was able to latch onto the brass ring and ride that sumbitch to the top. The year was 1990, when hair metal ruled the charts, and Salty Dog came from nowhere to release one of the genre’s true masterpieces. Twenty four years later that album, Every Dog Has Its Day, is still, IMO, the absolute Zenith of sleaze metal. It still continually goes for 25+ dollars for a used CD copy on eBay, even though there has been a reissue with bonus tracks. That’s how much this album is hallowed among metal fans.

I’ve listened to this album in near constant rotation since first buying it on cassette at Tower back in 1990. The music truly never gets old or tired sounding. There is an energy they captured in these tunes that is infectious. Back to alla that…here’s some history…

Salty Dog was a group of bad ass, sleazy metal dudes that infused a Led Zeppelin style vocal delivery to their bluesy brand of 80’s Metal. Formed in Los Angeles by Jimmi Bleacher (vocals), Scott Lane (guitar), Michael Hannon (bass) and Khurt Maier (drums). Lane left the band in 1987 and was replaced by Pete Reveen. They recorded their only album in Wales, but would never get the chance to tour Europe. The band toured relentlessly. They made videos for “Come Along” and “Lonesome Fool” got limited airplay on HARD 30/Headbangers Ball, but album sales remained sluggish. In 1991 the band kicked out Bleacher and promised a return, but it never happened.

“Come Along” was Salty Dog’s introduction to the record buying public and still goes down as their crowning achievement. The whole track swings along with a sleazy swagger before exploding towards the finish… “Come Along” truly was, and still is, a work of pure genius.

“Ring My Bell”, “Slow Daze”, “You Keep Me Down”, “Lonesome Fool” and “Nothin’ But A Dream” are all legendary in their own right, and could easily have been the standout cuts on a lesser band’s release. Jimmi Bleacher possessed a voice that could strip the paint from your living room walls while the rhythm section of Michael Hannon and Khurt Maier worked off each other with pinpoint precision. Guitarist Pete Reeven kind of did things his own way, which made everything that much more interesting.

Let me say that there are 2 stellar ballads, “Just Like A Woman” & “Sacrifice Me”. Good fucking god…they are just amazing. In my opinion, Every Dog Has Its Day, is the masterpiece of Sleaze Metal. Nothing has ever come close to topping it, before or since.

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