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Date: October 4, 2014
Venue: Claddagh Pub
Location: Lawrence, Massachusetts

I swear everything this guy touches turns to gold. Ive never heard a fan of Max Cavalera say, oh the new album isn’t as good as the last. Or that he changed his style and went softer. Whether it was Sepultura, Soulfly or Cavalera Conspiracy. Max stays consistent on the topics of religion and politics with his lyrics, firm beliefs and strength of his music.

DSC_0462I waited patiently for this moment to come. For some reason every single time Ive tried to see Max Cavalera live, something came up so that I was unable to attend. Until recently when I found out Soulfly was playing a smaller sized venue in Lawrence called The Claddagh. I swore this time come hell or high water I would not miss this. It was an all day festival of local boston acts including Tester, Prospect Hill, Leaving Eden and a ton more. The crowd was pretty decent sized. Max’s hardcore longtime fans eagerly awaited his presence on the stage. Standing there waiting, I watch them set up his mic stand that adorns a skull wearing a gas mask. Myself and the other female photographer looked behind us (since there was no barricade for us to shoot) we both agreed it was gonna get rowdy. Luckily I had a nice gentlemen that agreed to watch my back. From the first note out of his guitar, playing Blood Fire War Hate, I can can attest it was more than worth the wait. Absolutely more amazing than I ever could have anticipated. With Mark Rizzo (former Ill Niño guitarist), Tony Campos (ex Static X, Ministry bassist) and at the ripe age of just 21 is Max’s son Zyon Cavalera on drums. This line up is truly unstoppable. Tony joined the group in 2011 which was definitely one of the best choices they could have made in a rhythm section. He has the resume to back it up. And his performance with Soulfly absolutely proves it. Mark has been with the band since 03 and is a phenomenal guitarist. I was completely impressed with Max vocally. His conviction within his lyrics is something to be greatly admired. And hearing it live heightened my admiration for him as an artist. DSC_0716I mean this guy is a metal icon. And not that I didn’t know this before, now I really have a true understanding for his longevity in the business. Now as for Zyon. He is the future of metal. He is far beyond his years with his craft. That young gentleman hits those drums better than some people I know that have been playing longer than he’s been alive. He’s learned from the best and it absolutely shows. To use the word talented would be an understatement. As a unity, they kept that crowd ablaze their entire set. If you have a chance to see this tour with their last few dates, DO IT!

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Photos by: Janeé Carroll

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