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Tad Morose, St. Demonius

tadmorose-stdemoniusFull length album number 8 here for Tad Morose and album number 2 for vocalist Ronny Hemlin formally of Steel Attack who took over for the much beloved Urban Breed. 2012’s comeback record Revenant went a long way in re-imaging the bands sound and the glory days of the Urban Breed era were gone. That wasn’t such a bad thing as Revenant was a monster Power Metal album that showcased Hemlin as a fine replacement for Breed albeit a different style and approach. Having formed Tad Morose in 1991 in Sweden guitarist Christer “Krunt” Andersson has been the one constant and driving force throughout the bands career. On St. Demonius he’s done a fine job of keeping things on track where Revenant left off while also dipping his toe into the waters of the past. The tone is set immediately with Bow To The Reapers Blade, a monster Power Metal number as heavy as anything the band have done previously. First single Forlorn follows and is one of the bands patented mid paced moody numbers. Where Ignorance Reigns steps on the gas s bit more and also has the best, catchiest chorus on the whole album. Then we get to some things the last album did not have. Remain, The Shadows Play, Darkness Prevail, and Fear Subside all have that oldschool Urban Breed era feel to them and this is definitely welcome. You get the feeling any of these tunes could have been on Undead or Matters Of The Dark and that signature sound was the one thing somewhat lacking on the last record. Dream Of Memories and The World Is Growing Old wrap things up and both have the more modern feel making for a good overall blending of the two styles. All in all this is a great release and one of the best Traditional/Power Metal releases I’ve heard all year. If you didn’t give Revenant a chance you definitely should to St. Demonius and you may find out Tad Morose didn’t entirely leave the past behind.


  1. Bow To The Reapers Blade
  2. Forlorn
  3. Where Ignorance Reigns
  4. Remain
  5. Black Fire Rising
  6. Day Of Reckoning
  7. The Shadows Play
  8. Darkness Prevail
  9. Fear Subside
  10. Dream Of Memories
  11. The World Is Growing Old
  12. Your Own Demise

Check out the music video “Your Own Demise.” The clip was directed and filmed by Richard Harryson, edited by ProVid Films and was shot at the Trash Mansion in Bollnäs, Sweden. Anderson says, “It was originally supposed to be recorded at another location with some grand ideas by the director, but although we live in an era with numerous communication tools everything got real messed up and I don´t think anyone really knew what was going on, haha.” He concludes, “Anyway, we picked up the pieces and completed the video in the end – just before the deadline. Pretty chaotic to say the least! Yes, we know it is another “performance video” with no fire breathing dragons, half naked girls or fire. Nothing fancy at all really, just us performing. But that´s us. METAL! Play it LOUD!”

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