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Rock Allegiance 2017 – BB&T Pavilion

October 7th brought the event I’ve been looking forward to for months…Monster Energy’s Rock Allegiance. Why was I so excited about this? Because I attended the festival two years ago and it was one of the most fun nights I’ve ever had. This year it was held at BB&T Pavilion in Camden, New Jersey, a change from 2015. It featured headliners Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Halestorm, and Mastodon (I wasn’t able to see all of the headliners). Now, of course Marilyn Manson dropping out was a bummer, but this festival was sure to be phenomenal regardless.

The first band to take the, or rather “a” stage, was Radkey. I was only at this specific stage because Steel Panther was playing after and I of course wanted to be front row, but Radkey ended up capturing my attention so much to the point where I felt like a huge fan already. The band’s punk energy and attitude was an amazing way to kick off the approximately 12-hour festival, and they got everyone in the audience pumped, including the little boy sitting on his dad’s shoulders, throwing up the devil horns. Everyone knew it was going to be a good day.

I caught the beginnings of sets for some bands and the end of sets for others, such as Halestorm, In This Moment, Mastadon, etc. Of course all of these acts delivered but they’re huge, so it was no surprise. There are, however, two “lesser known” and newer bands whose full sets I did get to watch. These two bands are Joyous Wolf and Greta Van Fleet.

I, in all honesty, have never heard of Joyous Wolf until the lineup was announced, but I did end up going home right after and looking up their music as soon as possible. They were flat out amazing. Nick Reese, the vocalist, has such a soulful voice that captivated every single audience member from the beginning, and the rest of the band made sure to hold that attention. So, if you like blues as much as you love hard rock, Joyous Wolf is a definite must.

Right after these guys on the same stage came Greta Van Fleet. This band is quickly winning over fans all over the nation and often labeled as “the new Zeppelin”. They’re no doubt a breath of fresh air in the modern rock scene because they’re truly so unique, and their passion is so easy to see and hear (stay tuned for my interview with Josh Kizka).

The only headliner who I was able to see in entirety was Rob Zombie. His craziness, spookiness, and energy made for a fantastic set, and he recharged the audience, who were mostly exhausted by the time he came on. The classic songs mixed with the insane trippy theatrics made for a very smart choice of being the show closer. It’s important to mention the other headliners even If i didn’t see them for long, due to my schedule.

Halestorm came back with full vengeance after being forced to cancel their previous gig due to Izzy being ill. She didn’t miss a beat, and her and the band gave the audience exactly what they were hoping for. Five Finger Death Punch and Mastadon seemed to please their loyal fans as well, due to the many mosh pits happening and the deafening cheering.

Witnessing Rock Allegiance 2017 made me, and most likely thousands of others, extremely excited for next year. There are even people already speculating who will be featured on the upcoming year’s bill. But, no matter who appears, I’m sure it will not disappoint, just like 2017.

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