Smoke N’ Mirrors

You’ve been living in a cave the past several months if your news feed hasn’t been littered with continuous updates over the rumored Guns N’ Roses reunion. You’ve likely felt bombarded to the point of exhaustion. I can empathize. Keeping up with the madness has proven to be a tall task. Too much analysis may cause a brain hemorrhage. Or at least that’s what seven out of ten doctors now fear. But let’s give it a try, shall we?

The focus of this coverage need not be on whether a reunion WILL take place. Rather, the question ought to be more appropriately asked- SHOULD it take place? The classic “Appetite” lineup has not played together in over two decades. While we yearn for them to recapture the raw power of their early years, its wishful thinking to believe that is a possibility. We feel this way about many of our beloved classic bands. Unfortunately, keeping a group together for so long is tough work. Reuniting decades later and expecting to sing and play like back in the old days is often a pipe dream. There are exceptions. However, we all get older. With age comes the difficulty of maintaining a musical standard that was established during those golden years. Some can pull it off, most cannot. Sadly, I don’t see it happening for Guns N’ Roses. Don’t believe me? Then let’s turn our attention to the vocals.

It’s no secret that Axl Rose’s voice has seriously deteriorated over the years. If you feel otherwise, well, I suggest looking into purchasing a hearing aid. The incredible range that this individual possessed is long gone. Axl’s voice was so incredibly unique which also means that it must have been incredibly hard to maintain. More importantly, take a look at the man himself. He is no doubt the most unpredictable person in the history of rock and roll. History has shown he is prone to changing his mind on a dime. The smallest issue could set him ablaze. That sheds much doubt on with a GN’R reunion could last one show, let alone a whole tour. What about the others?

Slash does not need Guns N’ Roses. He has a great thing going currently with arguably one of the best rock voices today in Miles Kennedy. For him, a reunion would likely be a killer paycheck and some brief nostalgia. Duff McKagan is playing with just about everyone these days. He doesn’t need this. Who knows whether the elusive Izzy Stradlin would want any part of a reunion? Who knows whether Steven Adler would be allowed to participate in a reunion? Will it even be a true reunion? Matt Sorum? Dizzy Reed? Gilby Clarke? Too many questions, not enough answers.

I love Guns N’ Roses. “Appetite for Destruction” is one of the greatest records of all time and a complete game changer for rock music. I’m happy that Axl and Slash have finally reconciled. It would be bittersweet to see an amicable ending for a band with such a tumultuous history. But while we listen to opinions from other rock stars and track Twitter feeds, let’s ask ourselves one final question. Should we tarnish their legacy by throwing them a huge paycheck for a half-assed one-off reunion show? I don’t think the price is worth the memory.

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